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Endocrine Surgery: Principles and Practice

Ed. by Lumley J.S.P.
Вид издания: Руководство
Год: 2009
Формат: PDF
Объем: 599 стр.

Endocrine Surgery: Principles and Practice This latest addition to the Endocrine Surgical library is a gem to be savored at leisure. It is a comprehensive review and is on the cutting edge of current knowledge regarding surgical endocrinology.

The fact that the three outstanding editors of Endocrine Surgery are from widely separated geographic continents (Europe, Asia and America) clearly establishes the flavor for this international contribution. The surgical arena and the endocrine surgical subspeci¬alty, in particular, is truly international in scope, as it should be, and today represents a unique close knit family. This is a healthy phenomenon for it allows rapid and constant exchange of information and ideas by dedicated surgeons, endocrinologists, pathologists, radiologists, and researchers who personally know and respect each other, and who share a clear cut common goal – to simply do what is best for each and every patient afflicted with an endocrine disorder.

The astute reader of this encompassing collection of contributions will notice a ‘‘changing of the guard’’ phenomenon as well. Although there are well-known players in this endocrine surgical orchestra, there are, pleasingly, a number of less well-known (albeit for a short time only) contributors. This is very good indeed and is something that pleases me – a member of the old guard, immensely. The success of surgical education, and as a consequence, of patient care, is that each successive generation should be better and wiser than the preced¬ing one. If this is not so, the previous generation has dismally failed. This compendium wonderfully demonstrates that the authors (the three all star editors in particular) have not failed in this mission and that the prior generation can be justifiably proud. The authors are the brightest intellects in endocrine surgery today. They are, one and all, better than their educators and mentors – they have raised the bar appropriately. This is good. It should please us all. Peruse this volume with pleasure and reflect on each of your obligations to the generations that shall follow you.


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