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Атлас хирургии таза - Atlas of Pelvic Surgery

Wheeless C.R., Roenneburg M.L.
Вид издания: Руководство
Год: 2009
Формат: PDF
Объем: 399 стр.

Atlas of Pelvic SurgeryThe Atlas of Pelvic Surgery was originally developed as a practical guide to the performance of gynecologic procedures which reflected Dr. Wheeless' broad experience in surgery and his skill as a teacher. It is a well-respected and oft used text for those in training as well as doctors in practice across the globe to guide them in providing outstanding care to their patients and to carry on the traditions of gynecologic surgery.

The 4th edition of The Atlas of Pelvic Surgery as an easily accessible internet atlas is a living document where one can find detailed information about an ever increasing variety of gynecologic surgical techniques.

There may be legitimate differences of opinion regarding some of the procedures presented and the steps used to perform them. Surgery does not always allow the surgeon the luxury of precisely performing each operation as illustrated here. Surgeons must constantly improvise, adapting their technique to the individual patient and the problem being treated. This Atlas is intended as a general guide or framework on which to build one's own technique.


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