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Ambulatory colorectal surgery

Sands R., Sands D.R.
Вид издания: Руководство
Год: 2009
Формат: PDF
Объем: 354 p.

The face of medicine has changed significantly in the 21st century. Emphasis is placed onminimally invasive techniques and shorter hospitalization. This medical climate has challengedphysicians to provide excellent care of increasingly complex problems often in the outpatientsetting and frequently using multidisciplinary approaches.

As such, we have been motivated to write a new colon and rectal surgery textbook capitalizingon the shifting practices of medicine in the 21st century. This book represents a compilationof office-based diagnoses, conditions, and treatments that are commonly encountered in generaland colon and rectal surgical practices. Attention is paid to all facets of outpatient colorectalsurgery including the evaluation and treatment of complex pelvic floor pathology.

Many office-based outpatient conditions and anorectal diseases in general are often poorlyunderstood. This disease spectrum is frequently glossed over in surgical training programs.Most surgical trainees today have limited access to the outpatient office setting, especiallywithin the confines of the restricted working hours of residents. Conditions such as the onesreviewed in this book make up the core of many surgical practices. Therefore, we believe thatthis book will be useful to all practicing colon and rectal surgeons, general surgeons withan interest in anorectal disease, and particularly those young surgeons just completing theirsurgical training and starting in practice.

The chapters are listed by condition and include a comprehensive review of the diseaseentity followed by the available diagnostic modalities and treatment options. The perioperativecare is also included in order to provide the reader with a guide to the complete managementof these patients. A review of the literature, both classic and new, will help the reader to gaina thorough understanding of each disease process. Prominent authors who have expertise inthese areas have been brought together in this effort to bring some simplicity to the treatmentof a group of common conditions, which are often ineffectively managed by physicians.


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