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Medical Statistics at a Glance

Petrie A., Sabin C.
Вид издания: Руководство
Год: 2000
Формат: PDF
Объем: 139 стр. (19 МБ)

Medical Statistics at a GlanceMedical Statistics at a Glance is directed at undergraduate medical students, medical researchers, postgraduates in the biomedical disciplines and at pharmaceutical industry personnel. All of these individuals will, at some time in their professional lives, be faced with quantitative results (their own or those of others) that will need to be critically evaluated and interpreted, and some, of course, will have to pass that dreaded statistics exam! A proper understanding of statistical concepts and methodology is invaluable for these needs. Much as we should like to fire the reader with an enthusiasm for the subject of statistics, we are pragmatic. Our aim is to provide the student and the researcher, as well as the clinician encountering statistical concepts in the medical literature, with a book that is sound, easy to read, comprehensive, relevant, and of useful practical application.


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